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Another war,
A different country,
Another reason,
Is it really worth it?,

Another soul lost,
A shot gun wound,
A funeral of military style,
Is it worth all this?,

Another family torn apart,
A mother or father lost,
Fighting for a cause they don't get,
Is it really worth this?,

Another pair of empty boots,
A folded uniform never to be used,
A gun hanging in its safe place,
After all thats happened is it worth it?.
Your everything in my eyes,
The dreams i've always had,
Are about someone like you,
So brave so strong,

The battles you've fought,
The pain you've felt,
Has just made you stronger,
Made you a better person,

The smile on your face,
Keeps me fighting daily,
My strength comes from you,
I can't explain what you mean to me,

The butterflies are all for you,
The smile because of you,
Stay brave stay strong for me,
Keep up the strength you will make it.
The knife in the chest,
Lodged where you thrust it,
The blood dripping down my stomach,
Knife removed by my own hands,

Now I stand in front of you,
The same knife stained with blood,
Clutched in my fist,
Ready to feel your flesh and blood,

Now here I stand,
The stained knife above my head,
Plunging deep into ur chest,
Now you feel the pain I felt,

Here I kneel,
Watching the same pain in your eyes,
The blood dripping down your chest,
Time for me to leave.
The love in my heart is for you,
Butterflies on my stomach because of ur smile,
The sparkle in your eye the reason I smile,
Ive never felt like this,

The words form in my head,
On the tip of my tongue ready,
Formed by my lips,
But I just can't say them,

Im useless when it comes to feelings,
To how my heart beats for you,
If only I could tell you,
If only I knew how,

I wish you would realise,
These are written for you,
Just tell me you care,
Then ill be happy.
Another person trained,
Another fire arm locked and loaded,
One more uniform,
One pair of shiny boots,

A father a mother,
All dressed in uniform,
Head to toe in black and green,
The union jack flying for them,

Another casualty in the field,
More blood spilled,
Pain running through their body,
A shot wound bleeding,

Another casket with the union jack,
Another military funeral and goodbye,
A family full of pain and goodbyes,
It doesn't always have to end like this.
I cant believe its another year gone and its remembrance day again. 
Today my heart goes out to all the soldiers who are still fighting, the soldiers lost in all the past wars, and to the families who soldiers who are still fighting, whose soldiers have been lost or who are severally injured or traumatized from the war. 


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becky peters
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United Kingdom
hey im becky, im 16, im goth and if u dont like it tbh i dont give shit cause its my life im a goth and thats just how i am, i listen to lots of music anyhting from country to screamo. i write mostly poetry and i apologize in advance most of my poems are depressing. i do have a few problems that go in life and with myself so if i go on in my diaries im sorry. hope u enjoy my work :)

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