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Playing with peoples feelings,
Its all you know how to do,
Make them think they are loved,
Then saying they are only friends,

Breaking peoples hearts,
Don't you realise that,
Just tell them straight forward,
Stop playing with them,

They aren't toys,
You can't dig you claws,
And do what you want,
Its breaking them apart,

It will all come back to you,
Karma works,
And it will have you,
Just you wait and see.
Fed up of the tears,
The endless nights of crying,
Shes fed up of the pain,
That she feels deep inside,

Shes fed up with the constant heartache,
The continual rejection,
Its killing her slowly,
Crying herself to sleep,

She wonders will she ever be loved,
Find someone to stop this pain,
To tell her everythings okay,
But shes giving up fast,

She gives up in the end,
She breathes her final breath,
Leaves this world,
now shes with the angels.
These tears just falls,
Like rain from the sky,
Slowly slipping,
Finally hitting the floor,

The blood trickles,
Like a river,
Never ceasing its path,
Slowly getting thicker,

The sparkle dulls,
Like an old light bulb,
Slowly disappearing from the eyes,
No longer to be seen,

Last breath escapes,
Like a balloon too full,
Deep and long,
No more breaths taken.
You built me up,
Then broke me down,
Yet you wonder why i cry,
Why my days are spent in bed,

You told me my dreams were perfect,
Then told me they would never happen,
You've broken my dreams,
Are you happy with yourself,

You told me you loved me,
Then lied to my face,
I thought i could trust you,
Now i know i cant.
Does it matter anymore,
The pain felt inside,
Does it mean anything,
The words whispered in the dark,

Are they really what they say,
All these people who surround us,
Does it really send u mad,
Being all alone in the dark,

Is it actually happening,
Writing every word down,
Does the pain ever go away,
Or just carrying on tearing inside,

Is falling in love really that great,
If we just fall apart,
Is it worth the heartbreak,
That slowly kills.  
I cant believe its another year gone and its remembrance day again. 
Today my heart goes out to all the soldiers who are still fighting, the soldiers lost in all the past wars, and to the families who soldiers who are still fighting, whose soldiers have been lost or who are severally injured or traumatized from the war. 


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becky peters
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United Kingdom
hey im becky, im goth and if u dont like it tbh i dont give shit cause its my life im a goth and thats just how i am, i listen to lots of music anyhting from country to screamo. i write mostly poetry and i apologize in advance most of my poems are depressing. i do have a few problems that go in life and with myself so if i go on in my diaries im sorry. hope u enjoy my work :)

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