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A smile,
She uses to cover up,
The pain and guilt,
The things she won't tell no one,

The sparkle,
In her eyes fading,
But no one sees past,
Past the smile that covers it,

Her laugh,
Grows quieter,
As the days,
Grow longer,

Her smile,
Is a cover up,
For everything she feels,
For all the pain she sees.
No one will understand,
What she goes through,
Day in and day out,
As they slowly tick out,

No one will know,
What she sees,
In her day,
Or the scenes she sees,

No one will feel,
The pain she feels,
As she watches it,
Everything fall apart,

No one will know,
What she was thinking,
The day it all happened,
The day her roof caved in.
She's not pretty,
The girl in the mirror,
Too pale,
Too overweight,

Never a beauty reflected,
No confidence,
Fighting a war daily,
Knowing she will never be pretty,

She can't see,
The girl reflecting,
As herself,
She sees a stranger,

Shes sits and wonders,
When will she see,
The true reflection,
Of pain and guilt.
Small red patches,
Sore to the touch,
Slowly getting larger,
Spreading down the back,

Hot water,
Traces down the skin,
Leaving a glowing trail,
Red and wet,

Leaving these little marks,
Water heat keeps rising,
Burns getting worse,
Sorer as the heat rises,

No one notices,
Hidden from sight,
No one will ever see,
But forever there.
The dreams faded,
Everything blurred,
Tears formed,
The smile broke,

The love disappeared,
Heart broke,
It stopped beating,
Pulse no longer there,

Small burns,
No one notices,
Red skin peeling,
Sore patches forming,

A marked grave,
Of a young girl,
A daughter a friend,
A lost soul.
I cant believe its another year gone and its remembrance day again. 
Today my heart goes out to all the soldiers who are still fighting, the soldiers lost in all the past wars, and to the families who soldiers who are still fighting, whose soldiers have been lost or who are severally injured or traumatized from the war. 


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becky peters
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hey im becky, im goth and if u dont like it tbh i dont give shit cause its my life im a goth and thats just how i am, i listen to lots of music anyhting from country to screamo. i write mostly poetry and i apologize in advance most of my poems are depressing. i do have a few problems that go in life and with myself so if i go on in my diaries im sorry. hope u enjoy my work :)

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