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i can hear u shouting,
shouting those words again at me,
"you never think of anyone else but u,
Your a monster",
shouting these words in front of everyone,

i wipe a tear away from cheek,
knowing u will never understand,
u dont see what i see,
you cant see how u changed,
or what shes changed u too be,

look back and remember the old days,
remember the time when he was still here,
living breathing next to us,
our best friend forever,
the best friend now laying in that grave,

we meet the three of us in a zoo,
becoming best friends in an instant,
going there every year on the day we meet,
till the day he died,
the day that now means his laying underground,

when that day came we promised him,
promised that we would still visit the zoo,
still visit him in his grave,
no matter what happened,
we would still go tell him about our lives,

its been five years now,
and over the last two years u got a new girlfriend,
u two still go to zoo with me,
but u never talk to me never see me,
and afterwards u never go to visit him,

i sat in front of him,
and talked to him telling him im sure u will come,
telling him how we were doing,
but u never showed up like u promised,
i laid flowers and apologized for u,

another year went past and u did the same,
that's when i got really upset,
wished i wasn't here with u no more,
wishing i was with him in the ground,
that's when i tried to take my life,

that's what landed me in hospital,
to make it worse i heard u talking,
someone telling u why i did it,
i heard u tell them that i was nothing no more,
that's when i took the knife and tried again,

and now here i am hearing u scream ant my face,
uve finished now and thats when the words slip,
slip from my mouth into your face,
knowing these words are true,
knowing that you will know they are true,

"u call me the monster but u never go to visit him,
never go to visit ur best mate at his resting place,
no whoses the monster the one who loved and rememebered,
or the one who forgot and moved",
a smile spreads across my lips seeing ur look on ur face,

as i spin on my heel,
walk out of that room,
knowing that i was right,
knowing i wasnt the monster for remembering and hurting,
you were the monster for forgetting so easily.
a poem i wrote the other day. ive also had dreams a bit like these so i thought i would write about it i hope u like it.
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January 14, 2013
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